Thursday, November 12

i GoT a FeEliNG...


Even when I know who I am,
I still got this feeling.
The feeling that I dont wish to attempt,
But it's growing and keep growing.

I can't lie,
When I say I'm in love with you.
This feeling makes me fly,
Even if I know I'm not suppose too.

(*sORrY In MalaY*)

Tidak pernah ku bayangkan,
Rasa rindu dalam jiwa.
Membuat ku jatuh cinta,
Pada gadis istimewa.

Wajahmu main dimata,
Membuat ku terbayangnya.
Ku rindu,
Pada dirimu

Dikaulah permata hatiku,
Yang selalu ada di sisiku.
Membuat ku tersenyum,
Lantas gembira.

Tidak pernah ku bayangkan,
Hidup tanpa kehadiran mu.
Begitu sayu dan sepi,
Tanpa dirimu.

Gadis yang ku gambarkannya,
Tidak dapat ku terangkan.
Betapa istimewanya,
Dirimu untuk diriku.

Tidak dapat ku berkata,
Bila bertentangan mata.
Telah jatuh cinta.

Dikaulah permata hatiku,
Yang selalu ada disisiku.
Membuat ku tersenyum,
Lantas gembira.

Tidak pernah ku bayangkan,
Hidup tanpa kehadiran mu.
Begitu sayu dan sepi,
Tanpa dirimu.

ThE hapPinESs LiEs WitHiN...


The memory inside me,
Will always kept inside.
The day that were meant to be,
When you were by my side.

Happiness come and go,
But don't take it too hard.
Just take things slow,
Making it like the start.

Smiling and cheering,
When you're with me.
You seems so lovely,
When you're so happy.

I won't take it away,
The smile that you gave.
What else could I say,
The happiness of yours that I'm trying to save.

Wednesday, November 11

HaPpIneSs LiEs BEyONd The GiFt...


For long you've been there for me,
Always consoling me wherever I go.
A bright heart for me to see,
A Cheering life like a river flow.

It's not a gift that you gave,
But friendship that brings us together.
Locking up inside my safe,
A feeling that grew in me further.

We aren't meant for each other,
But doesn't mean I can't love you.
Even if my feelings alter,
The love will be remembered and will stay forever too.

Problems come and leave,
It's just a human nature.
I shall not be deceive,
As I'm growing up to be more mature.

Thank you so much dear,
I shall always remember.
The feeling of fear,
That will always disappear.

For you...

Tuesday, November 10

LeT mY liFE BeGiN aT tHe NeW pAGe...


Waited for so long,
It's coming to the end.
Let me write you a song,
As sincerely as I can.

Putting everything away,
It's hard for me to do.
What can I say,
All of this is for you.

Like a river flow,
There's road up ahead.
Starting a new life slow,
As my past time started to fade.

This come to an end,
As a short note is written.
Learning about life as much as I can,
And asking nothing in return.


Life aren't fair,
It brings sadness to people.
We need to takes things as simple as air,
So that we don't stuck in circle.

Don't feel sad,
As I'm here to console you.
The moment that you had,
I'll guide you all way through.

Never be afraid,
As I'm here and always here.
All the things that I've said,
So there's no need for you to shed tear.

I will be there for you,
For good or bad.
You will always knew,
That I'm the guy that you will always met.

So smile all the way,
Never give a sad face.
That's all I could say,
To give your life a better taste.